Sophia means “Divine Wisdom”. It has been led by supernatural divinely wisdom and will be. With humble beginning Sophia Group was conceived with an idea of “Growing Together” and creating a pathway for young entrepreneurs to set higher goals, bringing ethical values, to inculcate the responsibility towards the society and above all to be the part of building a society to live in harmony.

In its History stretching back over years completed the ambitious task of integrating the global activities of the expected synergies were realized more quickly than anticipated and also turned out to be significantly higher. We are confident about global perspective with well positioned to achieve continuous growth, trust and to create long term and sustainable values. 

Sophia Group is among India’s private sector business houses with a desire to serve over millions of customers across Infrastructure, Energies, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare Sector, Exports and Imports, Agriculture, and Financial Services and Wealth Management.

Sophia Group is Founded by H.E. Rev. Dr. G. Satyanarayana (Naidu) and Mrs. G. Sudha Rani in the year 2014. The Sophia Group aspires to positively influence the lives of every Individual across the Nations.

Sophia Group strongly believes that it has a pivotal role to play in shaping the destiny of our Global Village. Through its various consumer-facing businesses, the Group provides a robust platform to every Individual to realize his/ her potential through its state-of-the-art products and services.

Our Vision

To build a global enterprise and a great future for nations.
To give millions of young generation the power to shape their destiny.
To equip many with ability to lead the nation into integrity.

H.E. Rev. Dr. G. Satyanarayana,

About Chairman

“Integrity is the key. By building trusted relationships we continually offer the best specialist services, products and growth to the society.”

The prestige and success of Sophia Group are credited to the zest of its Founder, Chairman and Chancellor H.E. Rev. Dr. G Satyanarayana who is popularly known as Rev. Dr. Naidu.  Every big castle was once started with a single block; despise no small beginnings. A little step taken every day builds up the hope of greater accomplishments. Do something every day and great accomplishments will start with small beginnings. This exactly matches with Rev. Dr. Naidu, who started working in Hospitality industry at different positions and resigned as Vice President.

We all want to be the part of a team that leaves a legacy and is remembered for years for what we have accomplished. A dream of many ideas coming together with great passion and an opportunity ceased in how Sophia Group was born. With vast industry experience and with a great vision Sophia Group was started in 2014.

Rev. Dr. Naidu is an experienced mentor with well-known leadership skills which have helped in the development and rise of the Sophia Group which is into Infrastructure, Mining, Capitals, Exports, Media, Life, Energies, Agriculture and Foundation. He believes that the key to any successful endeavor is trust which can be seen in the authenticity of the specialist services and products offered by Sophia Group.

Apart from being an evangelist Rev. Dr. Naidu is an avid entrepreneur, visionary, politician, philanthropist and an internationally well-known mentor and speaker for leadership skills. All these qualities have helped him in becoming a pioneer in Social Welfare and to make Sophia Group “GLOCAL” by enriching its roots locally and deepening the roots globally. He has also been given key positions in a National Party. This is not everything, with a vision to become global reference in academics, Rev. Dr. Naidu has started Sophia University along with Sophia Agriculture University and Sophia Medical University, and temple of learning to enrich and equip students with knowledge, wisdom, understanding and character which will empower the society we live in, with competent and responsible professionals.

 We are all challenged in the Business World. To meet these challenges, at the core we aimed to be the “Resilience in the face of headwinds.” With this mindset, currently    Rev. Dr. Naidu is taking care of the Global Establishment of Sophia Group; which has been rooted in Middle East, Africa, South Pacific and Europe.

About Managing Director

Every citizen has the responsibility of adding value, support and strength to their Nation…

Mrs. G. Sudha Rani is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sophia Group and Pro Chancellor of Sophia University, a renowned academic and research institution registered with the Republic of Zambia. Her career began with the completion of MCA, being passionate about teaching she started her career with Teaching Engineering and Software graduates for 7 years. Currently, for the past 8 years, she is taking care of the Sophia Group which is into Infrastructure, Mining, Capitals, Exports, Media, Life, Energies, Agriculture and Foundation. Successful Business means not Performance and Profits alone: Integrity and Ethical Conduct are of utmost importance. With this commitment to their core values she leaves no stone unturned for the betterment of Sophia Group.

The role as Pro Chancellor of Sophia University, Sophia Agriculture University and Sophia Medical University has also given her a platform that helps in shaping the future of the nation. The responsibility of producing great minds through quality teaching is a huge one, but she considers it as a privilege because she considers her job role as working for the greater good.

Mrs. G. Sudha Rani
(Managing Director)

Being the part of Society we are responsible towards the Society. With this belief she also has started her journey in indulging in social or charity work. In addition to her role as Managing Director and Pro Chancellor she has also involved in comforting, caring, and counseling women through an NGO named Touching Hearts. Their mission in Touching Hearts is to empower women and make them stand out strong and steady in the world. Their motto is: Empowering women with strength to endure the situations, wisdom to think things through, and the courage to face the fears.

Being an empathetic, erudite, and candid soul, she aims to be of fair use to every possible charity intention that comes her way and to give the best of her all the time to Sophia Group’s success. She vows to add numerous feathers to its cap. All these responsibilities have given her a sense of purpose and responsibility towards life. The little she can do for the world is to become part of economic growth of nation, and to produce good hearts and intelligent minds by giving the youth a top-notch quality education platform.

What we do


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Infrastructure Development

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