Who We Are


Sophia means “Divine Wisdom”. It has been led by supernatural divinely wisdom and will be. With humble beginning Sophia Group was conceived with an idea of “Growing Together” and creating a pathway for young entrepreneurs to set higher goals, bringing ethical values, to inculcate the responsibility towards the society and above all to be the part of building a society to live in harmony.

In its History stretching back over years completed the ambitious task of integrating the global activities of the expected synergies were realized more quickly than anticipated and also turned out to be significantly higher. We are confident about global perspective with well positioned to achieve continuous growth, trust and to create long term and sustainable values. 

Sophia Group is among India’s private sector business houses with a desire to serve over millions of customers across Infrastructure, Energies, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare Sector, Exports and Imports, Agriculture, and Financial Services and Wealth Management.

Sophia Group is Founded by H.E. Rev. Dr. G. Satyanarayana (Naidu) and Mrs. G. Sudha Rani in the year 2014. The Sophia Group aspires to positively influence the lives of every Individual across the Nations.

Sophia Group strongly believes that it has a pivotal role to play in shaping the destiny of our Global Village. Through its various consumer-facing businesses, the Group provides a robust platform to every Individual to realize his/ her potential through its state-of-the-art products and services.

Our Vision

Core Disciplines


We possess no greater asset than the quality of our human capital and no greater priority than the retention, growth and well-being of our vast pool of human talent.


We rethink every business process, product and service from the standpoint of the consumer – so as to exceed expectations at every touch point.


We believe in excellence in execution – in large, complex projects as much as small everyday tasks. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts; in our rapidly-changing knowledge economy, organizations can prosper only by mobilizing diverse competencies, skill sets and expertise; by imbibing the spirit of "thinking together" -- integration is the rule, escalation is an exception.


We nurture innovation by breaking silos, encouraging cross-fertilization of ideas and flexibility of roles and functions. We create an environment of accountability, ownership and problem-solving –based on participative work ethics and leading-edge research.


We believe leadership in the new economy is about consensus building, about giving up control; about enabling and empowering people down the line to take decisions in their areas of operation and competence.


We respect competition – because there's more than one way of doing things right. We can learn as much from the success of others as from our own failures.


We believe that organizations, like individuals, depend on the support of the community for their survival and sustenance, and must repay this generosity in the best way they can.


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